Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No, Thank YOU, George Washington!

Good news for the day after Presidents' Day: it is being reported this morning that the Giles County School Board voted to remove the ten commandments from its walls. Yay!

There are many kind and thoughtful people out there who wanted them to remain up. To them I advise: display a copy of whichever version you ascribe to (there are many different versions, depending on religion) in your home. If you want your children to see them every day, this is the proper place.  

There are also many not-so-kind and not-so-thoughtful people out there who saw this scuffle as an opportunity to declare the United States a Christian nation, and the school board's initial decision as a shot across the bow of secularism. To them I say: let go your wrath. This is a secular nation. This fact is one of the amazing things about the great experiment of our government. It is to be celebrated, not spackled over. 

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